About Caroline

Hello, my name is Caroline. I am a woman, mother, wife, daughter, sister, sister in law, friend and mentor. I see myself as an ever changing expression of life. I have experienced a full and varied life and I see life as an ongoing journey of discovery of living life, experiencing its ups and downs, gifts and challenges. My commitment to myself and my work is to continue to learn, expand, deepen, reflect and to support others in their expansion of their sense of self so they can learn and grow and be an expression of their life, ultimately becoming a student of their own lived expression.

Caroline’s Journey

My journey into personal development began on my 18th birthday in 1981, when I woke up as the car I was traveling in was hurdling out of control & I got an understanding of life and how i could live or die. In that life changing moment, I chose with as much focus and will to live, my survival instincts kicked in and before I realised it, I was climbing up the on to the road and flagging down a car to help us. No one was seriously injured, but that defining moment has influenced my life greatly. In January 1982, I began yoga, meditation and healing with Dr Tony Quinn organisation. I spent the next six years learning and practising healing in individual sessions and within groups until my departure in 1988 to Australia.

I continued my healing journey while I lived here, studying different forms of healing and well-being. Soon after my arrival I met and married Paul and was very happily creating a full life. But after experiencing a miscarriage and then a still birth baby girl in 1993, I experienced a strong urge to return to Ireland which we did and where I remained until September 2009.

During this time I gave birth to three beautiful daughters and where myself and Paul created our life in Kilkenny . The business of motherhood and setting up our life became my major focus until 1999, when I experienced a health crisis, that refocused the direction of my life again. During my recovery I became very clear on how I wanted to be and the direction that my life would take once I recovered. This was to be a pivotal time in my life, in that I stepped into a different life. I changed my work schedule and became a student.

I qualified as a Ki Massage therapist, I attended Reiki Healing course, which lead me to studying this healing for 18 months to the level of Reiki Master and workshop facilitator.

On the last day of the course, the facilitator handed me the book with a recommendation to read it, the book was “Hands of Light” by Barbara Brennan, founder of Brennan School of Healing and I instinctively knew that I would study this type of healing. It took me two years until I was ready to enroll in the 4 year part time course. During the two years I had weekly sessions with a Brennan Healer, to empower me to leave my children, husband and the comfort of who I thought I was to delve deep into myself limiting images and beliefs about myself & my

I studied with the U.S. school in Miami for one year and then to Austria and Germany for the remaining 3 years until my qualification in 2007. Life as we knew it in Ireland began to change and Paul & I felt a call to return to Australia. Once we decided we were back here within a few months. Following an urge to live near the sea, we drove around in search of our new home and on arrival in to Mornington we both knew we had found our base.

Within a few months I had set up a healing practice in Mornington which expanded to having a base in Mount Eliza and Rosebud, in March 2011, I opened
Mornington Healing & Wellbeing Centre, 4/338 Main Street

Caroline’s Qualifications

1982 – 1988: Dr Tony Quinn’s Yoga & Personal Development Program

1988 – 1998: Ongoing Meditation & Healing workshops

1999 – 2000: Diploma Ki Massage & Cert in Anatomy & Physiology – Dr Tony Quinn

2000 – 2002: Reiki Healing – Work Shop Facilitation & Attunement to Reiki Master

2003 – 2007: Diploma Brennan Healing Science Practitioner – Barbara Brennan School of Healing – Miami & European School

2004: One Year Art & Creative Expression Course – Kilkenny, Ireland

2005: Certificate Level 1 – Cranio Sacral Therapy – Upledger Institute

2007 – 2009: Higher Diploma in Arts in Social, Personal & Health Education – Waterford    Institute of Technology, Ireland.

2008 – 2009: One Year Psycho Energetics Training program — Spain

2015: The Body Whisperer – Practitioner Training – Level One -Melbourne

2015: Level 1 – International School of Temple Arts- Melbourne

2016: Level 1 – International School of Temple Arts – Byron Bay