Core Star Healing
November 2016
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The Core of our being, our essence, and our true nature is the deepest and purest expression of the human being.

This healing offers you an experience of being held and mirrored in your own uniqueness, beyond concepts of limitations and lack, a space where there is light, unconditional love, any expression is a result of a sense of being rather than having to do anything. There is a healing of our sense of separateness so we can experience a deep sense of connection to people, animals, nature and the oneness of all life.

Within the healing at this dimension, your true nature is expanded and expressed into the other three dimensions, which can have a profound shift in awareness and support you in stepping fully into your own unique expression, affecting health and well being in all areas of your life.

Core Star healing is beneficial when you feel:

•    Disconnected from yourself and life in general
•    Lack enthusiasm
•    Creatively blocked
•    A sense of powerlessness & hopelessness
•    Unsure of the next step in life
•    A sense of being lost or unsure

This healing increases our sense of self that is beyond the personality, in this place, we reconnect with our own truth, wisdom and power.

This healing can be received as long distance healing.

Once you have booked your session, I will contact you by email to support you in becoming clearer on your intentions and purpose for this particular healing and for your life in general.


I had had a number of individual healing sessions with Caroline when I noticed her flyer that included a short description of her Core star healing (soul reading) and I thought "ooh that sounds interesting!". Well it was much more than that - it changed my life! It helped me gain clear and profound insight into my essence, how I was and what others expected of me and what I was capable of. It encouraged me to dream again and gave me the confidence to follow those dreams. In this type of healing, Caroline is in her element as the wise sage bringing pure gold from other realms.
Nothing was working for me, I felt lost in reactive behaviour, I had three Core Star healings and everything shifted for me, my external reality was the same, more or less but I responded in a different way and changes happened. The healing was very very nurturing and I left feeling connected and lighter.