Integrative Energy Healing
November 2016
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The essence of this healing is about creating a sacred space for you to be seen, heard and listen to  with emphatic awareness and gentle intuitive questioning , free of judgement

Integrative means to bring together the parts into a whole. During the session, we journey, we delve, and we remain curious and open to the present moment and allow awareness to guide us to the origin of the block, the pain, the source of misunderstanding. This is the place where we hold an open hearted presence and hold space to enable energetic release, for healing to occur.  It is a dance of actively releasing blocked emotional energy and waiting patiently for your own innate energy flow to move through you.

This is an experiential healing modality, where you learn to engage and direct your own healing journey.  I offer suggestive responses and various ways to reframe your perception, empowering practices to support you to in returning to embodied present moment awareness so that you can engage in your life more fully.

The sessions are for people who want to feel more at ease and at peace within themselves and are open to receiving support to enable change, a different perception or understanding of a disease, or a problem within a relationship.  We use the reason for coming to the session as the gateway for deeper connection to yourself and your life.

Our physical body is a direct reflection of our sense of well-being and energetic flow.  This healing is also for people who want to enhance their sense of self, gather more confidence, reconnect or deepen their connection to their power, voice and right to live life congruent with their beliefs.


I had had a number of individual healing sessions with Caroline when I noticed her flyer that included a short description of her Core star healing (soul reading) and I thought "ooh that sounds interesting!". Well it was much more than that - it changed my life! It helped me gain clear and profound insight into my essence, how I was and what others expected of me and what I was capable of. It encouraged me to dream again and gave me the confidence to follow those dreams. In this type of healing, Caroline is in her element as the wise sage bringing pure gold from other realms.
Nothing was working for me, I felt lost in reactive behaviour, I had three Core Star healings and everything shifted for me, my external reality was the same, more or less but I responded in a different way and changes happened. The healing was very very nurturing and I left feeling connected and lighter.