New Moon Intentional Hara Healing
November 2016
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This New Moon program commences on each New Moon, includes a 90-minute individual Hara Healing, where we focus on your individual intentions, that can include short term and longer term goals. This program is available through distance healing as well as in person sessions.

Following your individual healing, I facilitate a healing circle for 21 days afterwards, where you are welcome to join the 30 minute distant Hara Line healing, from 6.30am until 7.00am, everyday for the 21 days. I also offer email support and advice during the 21-day healing cycle.

People have noticed amazing shifts in their lives following the healing and during the three weeks of supportive healing which allows them to make changes with greater ease and grace.

This program has limited availability, dates for the remainder of 2016 are:

July 4th
August 3rd
September 1st
October 1st
October 31st
November 29th

Individual Hara/Intentional Healings can be booked either a few days before or after the New Moon. Once you are booked in, I will contact you about writing your intentions and how you can support yourself during the process.

The Hara exists on a dimension deeper than the physical and auric /energy field. Barbara Brennan says, “everything we do rests on the foundation of our intention in the moment we do it.  We fill our words with the energy of our feelings, and how we deliver those words conveys just what we really intend”

When we are in alignment with our Hara intentions, life flows in harmony and support with us.  Our power to manifest increases and there is a sense of ease deep within us and opportunities occur.  We experience a surety and ease about our sense of self, who we are and what it is we long to express and create.  We feel at ease and have a deeper connection to our unique place in the world.

During this type of healing, the focus is on the hara line, where I can access and affect the four power points.  The tan tien, located 1.5 inches below the belly button and is reflective of our power to manifest. The soul seat, located above the heart and below the throat and is where we connect to our sacred longing, desires, passions, individuation point, which is located above the head, up to 3 feet sometimes and this is our universal connection, the point of individuation and earth connection is the point we can access the power of the earth and feel solid and earthed, while still feeling connected to the three other points on the hara line.

During a Hara healing, these four points are focussed on and strengthened individually and collectively, reducing or eliminating habitual self-sabotage reactions. This session concludes with a Soul Seat blessing, which supports your uniqueness and creative spark.

New Moon Hara Healing is beneficial when you feel:

  • Out of balance with yourself
  • Feeling unsupported
  • Lack lustre
  • Despondent
  • Unable to connect to your sense of purpose
  • During the grieving process
  • Feeling blocked or stuck emotionally
  • Restlessness & ungroundedness
  • Creativity  blocked
  • Recreating the past

This healing is beneficial if you want to feel more centered, aligned and committed to creating your life, reflective of your core values and beliefs.


I had had a number of individual healing sessions with Caroline when I noticed her flyer that included a short description of her Core star healing (soul reading) and I thought "ooh that sounds interesting!” Well it was much more than that - it changed my life! It helped me gain clear and profound insight into my essence, how I was and what others expected of me and what I was capable of. It encouraged me to dream again and gave me the confidence to follow those dreams. In this type of healing, Caroline is in her element as the wise sage bringing pure gold from other realms.
Thank you Caroline for your amazing transformative work. I have felt real change in my life and have had the ability to stand alone in my power for the first time in my life. It felt completely natural, not forced at all. The core star has helped me to align myself with positive intentions.
Dear Caroline, Thank you so much for the recent Hara Healing I received from you.  Although I was extremely busy, I came to see you because I was about to enter a period of upheaval in my life - I thought your healing might help me through the transition.  The timing was perfect and I’m so glad I did!   Not only was I able to remain calm, focused and productive throughout this difficult time I found that the people around me also benefited.  I was able to support others as well as myself!  Big thank you for the far-reaching effects of your healing!
It was fantastic! It was towards the end of the 21 day distance healing circles, that I reflected back and noticed a lot of changes already happening that had contributed to an great increase in willpower and openness, which I experienced throughout the healing and I'm hoping to remain open to this inner access. It's been a life transformation. I can now understand the value of the healing you offer and I am very grateful to you and for the healings you offer.
I feel so very blessed I'm honored the universe has provided me w/ such an amazing woman & insightful healer. Healings w/ Caroline are profound. Her ability to achieve such amazing results is nothing short of mind blowing The New Moon Hara healing experience has been both grounding & enlightening. Each morning I sit in meditation I can sincerely feel the power of the healing. It has bought me further into my heart & it has bought me much release & peace. Blissfully fulfilled, So very grateful love