Integrative Energy Healing Level One & Reiki One Attunement Workshop

  • Friday 16th September:  7pm – 9pm
  • Saturday 17th September: 10am – 5.00 pm
  • Sunday 18th September: – 5pm

Where: Mount Martha

Integrative Energy Training includes:

  • The anatomy of the Human Energy Field – Aura
  • Healing skills & techniques to clear, charge, balance the energetic bodies & chakras of the energy field.
  • Energetic practices for centring & opening the healers own energy system
  • Tools to achieve a deep grounding presence & to reconnect to one’s truth & wisdom
  • experience an opportunity of seeing your past in a way that acknowledges and honours it, while supporting you in moving beyond it
  •  deeper connection your higher self and the possibilities for a different experience of life
  • learn to use clarity of intention to keep your heart open
  • practice of holding a transformative healing space for self & others
  • table healing to practice healing skills & techniques,

Reiki Energy Training includes:

  • Reiki 1 attunement given on Friday & Sunday
  • Hand positions for self  healing as well as family/friends
  • Chair / table healing to practice in a supportive learning    environment
  • History of Reiki & lineage
  • Discussion on the many uses for Reiki in everyday situations as well as an introduction, addition to your professional practice.
  • The role of Mindfulness and present moment awareness in healing.


This  weekend is open to people  who want:

  • To step more fully in to their life
  • Training in energy and  healing
  • To learn more about themselves and their capacity to heal themselves and their habitual responses to life
  • A Reiki One attunement & training that entitles people to practice on   themselves , family & friends
  • To embody a new  dimension of depth in their relationships,especially with themselves
  • To meet like minded people and practice mindfulness and feeling supported in a healing nurturing environment.

You will leave  with:

  • Reiki One Certificate
  • Integrative Energy Healing Certificate
  • A deeper understanding of yourself & others
  • Mental clarity
  • A sense of ease & greater acceptance of life
  • Enhanced emotional wellbeing
  • Techniques to channel Reiki for family & friends
  • Practical skills  to remain energised & focused
  • Confidence in your unique healership

Reiki Healing – Level Two & Incorporating Integrative Energy Healing Techniques

  • Friday 18th November – 6.30pm – 9.30pm
  • Saturday 19th November – 10am – 5.30pm
  • Sunday   20th November – 10am- 5.00pm

Where: Mount Martha

Reiki Two Energy Healing includes:

  • Initiation to Level Two Reiki & receive 3   powerfully  healing symbols
  • Initiation to Level Two Reiki Healing and within this 3 power filled healing symbols
  • Practice on creating safe & flexible boundaries
  • Learn a formalised method of tracking energy for self and another person  and skills on how to release blocks ,increase energetic flow & bring the body to a harmonious & energised state
  • Deeper study & practice of energy levels & chakras – focusing on the balance between structured  and unstructured levels and energy centres
  • practical practice of ways to enhance energy flow within the physical body and on the emotional & mental levels
  • practice giving and receiving healing treatments
  • practice holding the energy of joy as a way of healing density and blocks
  • de armouring of the physical body
  • 7th level energy clearings
  • practice of presence & witnessing and holding sacred space for self and another
  • the role of patience & curious open hearted questioning
  • practice of embodied movement
  • higher self, lower self & mask
  • mindfulness & meditation practice

*   Comprehensive workbook included

This is for people who are want to  dive deeper & reclaim more of themselves, aspects that have been trapped in the past, the aspects which has been holding you back, from stepping fully into your life as it is right now.  It is a beautiful opportunity for personal transformation and growth and serves as a path towards practitioner training.